We Are Family...



We have always wanted to 
work together. All of us have known
each other for over 18 years. We are
all college friends and some of us
even took it a step more and 
got married. 
Bryan and Cassi Wolski

Bryan and Cassi Wolski



Leah Nolen

Leah Nolen


True Friends...

Family and friendship

are very important to us. All of us bring

something to the company that is unique

and meaningful, just like Our Pearls.

Every breathtaking pearl is never the same.

From its color to the shape and size. Unique is definitely 

part of our company.

Bonnie Fisher

Bonnie Fisher

Jeff and Bobbi Wolski

Jeff and Bobbi Wolski


Our goal is to give you the same feeling in our designs.

Creating something that is only meant for you.

When you open an oyster

every Pearl has a story...

What's Yours?

Suzan Wolski

Suzan Wolski



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I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139:14