See Beauty Revealed In Our Pearls! 

Just opening the oysters is half the fun! Revealing the different amazing Pearls inside is an experience all to itself. 

All your friends and family will enjoy the thrills and wonder of each Pearl Reveal.  Make a list, pick a spot

or choose your online reveals. Earn rewards and have your Pearl Charmer do the rest! It's that simple.


Earn Free Jewelry

Have access to Hostess Exclusive Products


Hostess Party

Hostess receives a FREE pearl reveal and a Wishing Bottle with one Charm. Value $35

after booking 2 - pre-party qualified orders.


After $250 in sales for your party

Hostess will also receive the Unending Love Necklace with 1 Oyster Opening.  


7mm White Pearl Earrings (No Oyster Opening)

color may very

unending love new.jpg
7mm earrings.jpg

After $500 In sales for your party

Hostess will receive the Enchanting Pearl Clasp Chain. Includes a cage or locket of your choice and 1 Oyster Opening.


Quiet Moments Necklace with 1 Oyster Opening.

Quiet Moments Necklace

Quiet Moments Necklace

Enchanting Pearl Clasp Chain

Enchanting Pearl Clasp Chain

After $750 In Sales For Your Party

Hostess will receive the Classy Chic Pearl Necklace. This is great with your little black dress


Silver Mist Ring (Sizes 6,7, and 8) One oyster opening or white pearl

Silver Mist Ring

Silver Mist Ring

Hostess Referral

Refer 2 people to Host a Party

Each Referral Party Must Reach Tier 1

You will receive a Simply Chic Wrap Bracelet (your choice), 

Cage of your choice and one oyster opening for FREE! Value $67

(You will receive this item after both parties have been completed and meet requirements)


Hostess Exclusive Jewelry 




Please fill out the form to inquire about hosting a Charmed Pearl Party! 

If you already know a Pearl Charmer, please contact them directly through email or Facebook. 

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