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Opening Your Oyster or Mystery Boxes Live on Facebook


Step 1: Connecting with a Pearl Charmer

Step 2: Pick a Party You would like to Join

Step 3: Purchase items

Step 4: Go to the Pearl Charmer's Facebook page and watch your oyster opening Or Mystery Box Revealed LIVE During

the Pearl Charmer's Facebook Party

Step 5: Pearls are sent to Charmed Pearls Fulfillment If Purchased Jewelry Of The Month

step 6: Charmed Pearls send out non-mounted products within 1 weeks and mounted products within 2 weeks after Receiving the pearls in fulfillment.


Here are a few of our Pearl Charmers that you can connect with on Facebook for their Facebook Live Pearl Parties. Click on their names to go to their Facebook Page.

You can also connect with some of our expert Pearl Charmers directly on their Facebook Page.

 | Allie | Bonnie | Jenn

 | Laura Rogers | Melissa |

 | Natalie Jackson


Items purchased with a pearl reveal will allow you to open your oyster to reveal your pearl at one of the Pearl Charmer Parties on Facebook, at a venues or home parties.

When checking out with the items in your cart, you will have the opportunity to choose your Pearl Charmer, date of party(if known), and hostess name (if known). This will help ensure that you are at the right party to open your oyster and see the amazing pearl you will receive with the jewelry you have purchased. 

(If you do not know a Pearl Charmer, please click one of their links above and go to their Facebook page to see when they will be having their next event.)

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Pearls are always appropriate
— Jackie O