Mermaid Starter Kit

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under the sea kit.jpg
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Mermaid Starter Kit

from 149.00

Deluxe Pearl Charmer Kit (Over $500 Value)

  • 3 Akoya Oysters

  • 1 - Subscription Box

  • 1 - Mystery Boxes

  • 1 - Small Mermaid Mystery Boxes

  • 1 - Large Mermaid Mystery Boxes

  • 1 - Locket

  • 1 - Bracelet

  • 1 - Necklace

  • Tools and Additional Materials

To start your new business, you are required to put down a fully refundable, $50 Party Box Deposit to receive party oysters/mystery boxes on consignment before you begin your new independent business.

**This is a fully refundable deposit for oysters/party boxes and is required before we can send you oysters/party boxes for your parties.  The oysters/party boxes we send are on consignment and remain the property of Charmed Pearls, LLC until they are delivered to the customer.  Oysters/party boxes must be in their original salable condition to be eligible for refund within 90 days of receiving oysters/party boxes from Charmed Pearls, LLC.

Party Box Deposit:
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