Charmed Pearls creates unique jewelry

that is completely you. 


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Lockets, Bracelets, Necklaces and More!


Cultured Pearl Oyster Openings and More...

Pearls, Charms, Keychains and More!

Lockets and Cages

Want To Show Off Your Pearls?

Lockets and Cages Are A Perfect Way

To Do Just That!

Little Pearl Girl

Great Gifts For Your

Little Mermaid and For You!

Awareness Jewelry

Show You Care!

Great Way To Support

The Cause!

Pearl Necklaces

Great Way To Add Some

Pearls To Your Look!


Rings and Earrings

Mount Your Beautiful Pearl

So Everyone Can See!

Necklaces, Chokers and Chains

Mounted and Non-mounted Necklaces

Chains For Your Special Locket or Cage

Trendy Choker For Your Fun Side



To Fit Any Style

Open At Home

Great Way to Share

the Experience

Classic Bridal Set

Beautiful Bridal Set Great

For Your Big Day!